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An exhibition of goods and products seized in Barka 
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The Department of Consumer Protection has recently participated in the event (investment prospects and marketing of fish in Barka), organized by the General Directorate of Fisheries in the governorates of North and South Al Batinah at Al-Sawadi Beach Resort in Barka, under the patronage of His Excellency Sheikh Abdullah Bin Mohammad Al Buraiki, Governor of Barka.


In recognition of the construction and tender process "Consumer Protection" celebrates the 49th National Day
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The Public Authority for Consumer Protection celebrated the 49th National Day on November 18, 2019. As an expression of pride on this occasion, which is dear to the heart of every citizen and resident in this dear country and appreciating and gratitude for the various achievements achieved during the construction and tender process in various fields. The Authority is one of the achievements of this prosperous era, which has been praised for its construction, and has sought since its inception to move forward to raise this country through hard work to achieve the desired goals and to raise it in an integrated process with different institutions, derived its vision from the High Directions of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said, may Allah protect him.


Due to an error in installing the seat belt assembly Recall campaign for more than 80 Kia Telluride (ON) 2019 models
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The Public Authority for Consumer Protection, in cooperation with the International Accreditation Company, has launched a recall campaign for (84) Kia Telluride (ON) 2019 models, based on chassis numbers from (5XXP381C5LG001757) to (5XXP581CXLG035784) which were produced during the period from 22 January 2019 to 31 July 2019.


(Commercial cheating) Awareness lecture in Barka
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The Consumer Protection Department in Barka recently conducted an awareness lecture on (commercial cheating) at Nafisa bint Omaia School for Basic Education, within the framework of joint cooperation between the Department and public and private sector institutions to spread awareness and public culture.


For its lack of credibility and transparency in dealing with consumers Consumer Protection in Al Batinah North closes three labor recruitment offices
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The Directorate-General of Consumer Protection in Al Batinah North has recently closed three labor recruitment offices after complaints against them and the non-obligation of the management of the three offices to attend several times, which requires protection consumers from draining their money through the offices' unsecured contracts, and arrest the owners of those institutions and those who are responsible for contracting.


Workshop to develop intellectual and creative skills in work in Rustaq
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The Consumer Protection Department in Al-Batinah South Governorate in Rustaq has recently organized a training workshop entitled “Developing Intellectual Skills and Creativity at Work” which targeted the employees of the Department and a number of employees of some other government agencies in order to develop the creative and intellectual skills of employees to devise a new style of work environment and break the routine. To achieve a product that is up to the level of the institution and individuals according to standards consistent with the modernity that has occurred in society.


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 No one imagined that greed and deviousness would reach such a staggering level that thought exist only in movies and investigative drama shows , yet it became a stark reality when some merchants sought to make a profit on the account of health and safety of the young and adults alike utilizing the God-given intellect that they posses into destruction and evil instead of serving public good , the devious plan used ( Back to school ) season by carving holes inside books and hiding chewing tobacco inside in away from the inspectors notice targeting the younger generation with these destructive materials that effect the health , mind and safety of our kids .
 The Judicial officers noticed that consumers come very frequently to a specific shop during one of the inspection tours which raised their suspicions to strengthening the monitoring and follow up on that matter , students were spotted in the shop as well , the Officers expediently intervened to inspect the shop , the inspection did not reveal anything at first , however , the officers noticed a stack of books and decided to inspect it , surprisingly , they found more than 600 pouches of chewing tobacco on its way to be sold and distributed on consumers and students , the officers immediately issued a violation and referred the case to the General Prosecution to deal with the matter as per the Law

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