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Because they are not committed to completing the agreed service Three judicial verdicts against a number of commercial establishments in Al Dakhiliah


The Court of First Instance in the Wilayat of Nizwa has issued judicial rulings against a number of commercial establishments for breaching the Consumer Protection Law promulgated by Royal Decree No. (66/2014), and sentenced them to conviction, imprisonment and fines.



The facts of the first case are summarized in the receipt of the consumer protection department in the province of the interior of a complaint by a consumer against the institution to sell fresh poultry in Nizwa. He said that he bought fresh poultry from the establishment but noticed that it changed color and took it directly to the municipality. The result of the inspection indicated that it was unfit for consumption and did not comply with the bacteriological criteria of the reference specifications. The complaint also stated that the institution did not deliver the purchase invoice. Accordingly, the Department has taken the necessary measures based on the report of the result of the inspection issued by the Food and Water Control Laboratory of the Directorate General of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources in Al-Dakhilia Governorate. The case was referred to the Department of Public Prosecutions. After investigation, it was referred to the Court of First Instance in Nizwa, which sentenced the second defendant to a corruption of a corrupt commodity and not to provide the consumer with the purchase invoice. For the first one, he was imprisoned for three months and fined OMR 2,000. For the second, he was fined OMR 1000 with the collection of the two penalties and the suspension of corporal punishment and the implementation of the amount of OMR 500 of the fine and carry legal expenses and declare the innocence of the first accused.
The second case is that a consumer filed a complaint in which he reported that he had entered a faulty equipment in an establishment that was working on equipment repair. However, after receiving and testing it, he noticed that the fault was still present. He then returned it to the establishment where one of the employees of the establishment stated that it cannot be repaired because of the pressure of their work, so the complainant took the equipment to the agency and was informed that the piece was installed incorrectly and must be replaced with another piece, the complainant took the piece to the establishment for installation in the equipment. However, the establishment rejected this on the grounds that the complainant did not pay the sums owed to him previously, which led him to submit his complaint to the department demanding compensation for the losses caused by the equipment repair, and in turn the department took the necessary action.
In the absence of a settlement between the parties, the complaint was referred to the Department of Public Prosecutions in Nizwa, which began to investigate and refer it to the Court of First Instance in Nizwa. The defendant was convicted of the offense of not committing to the completion of the agreed service on time. He was sentenced to three months' suspended sentence, fined to the public right of OMR 100.
The third case is the fact that the Department received a complaint from a consumer that he had agreed with a commercial enterprise in the Wilayat of Nizwa, which works in the repair of vehicles to repair his vehicle after a traffic accident. It was agreed that the consumer will bring the spare parts necessary to be repaired by the establishment in the maximum of (45) days for the amount of OMR 600, but did not complete the work in the period agreed upon between the parties; which led him to submit his complaint to the Department, which in turn took the necessary action, and referred the file to the Department of Public Prosecution in Nizwa. After investigation, it was referred to the Court of First Instance in Nizwa, which convicted the accused of not committing to completing the agreed service on time. He was penalized to six months' suspended sentence, fined to OMR 100 and charged with legal fees.
The Public Authority for the Protection of Consumers calls on all suppliers to comply with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law and its bylaw, and to abide by transparency, credibility and distance from propaganda and false and misleading advertising when promoting goods and services.



 No one imagined that greed and deviousness would reach such a staggering level that thought exist only in movies and investigative drama shows , yet it became a stark reality when some merchants sought to make a profit on the account of health and safety of the young and adults alike utilizing the God-given intellect that they posses into destruction and evil instead of serving public good , the devious plan used ( Back to school ) season by carving holes inside books and hiding chewing tobacco inside in away from the inspectors notice targeting the younger generation with these destructive materials that effect the health , mind and safety of our kids .
 The Judicial officers noticed that consumers come very frequently to a specific shop during one of the inspection tours which raised their suspicions to strengthening the monitoring and follow up on that matter , students were spotted in the shop as well , the Officers expediently intervened to inspect the shop , the inspection did not reveal anything at first , however , the officers noticed a stack of books and decided to inspect it , surprisingly , they found more than 600 pouches of chewing tobacco on its way to be sold and distributed on consumers and students , the officers immediately issued a violation and referred the case to the General Prosecution to deal with the matter as per the Law

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