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   Common website terms and what each one means.

The terminology used within the PACP (Public authority for consumer protection) can be a little daunting because many terms are not used in our everyday language. Meaning of some words may change in our daily lives.To have a better understanding of how PACP works, you will need to become familiar with terms that you may not fully understand the meaning of, so to help you PACP compiled a list of commonly used PACP terms with their definition.
The Public Authority for Consumer Protection.
Consumers complain against merchants for products or services that don’t meet the agreed or advertised specification or detail.
PACP can receive notifications on suspected misconduct regarding consumer issues, such as expired products or violation of the law…etc.
This service allows suppliers to attain permission to raise prices of the products they supply.
This process is the collection and publishing of market prices for popular goods every month. It is part of the awareness effort targeting consumers.
Request PACP's Assistance:
Consumers and Merchants who are not satisfied with performance of the PACP can make a formal Complaint about a specific department.
Price Index:
One of the online feature provided by PACP through which consumers, retailers and other stakeholders can see the prices of items registered with PACP.
Price Observatory:
One of the online feature provided by PACP to see prices of items from international market.
One of another important feature through which consumer can complaint to retailers under the supervision of PACP and retailers and consumers can resolve their issue with in themselves or the consumer can send the complaint to PACP is not satisfied with the solution provided by retailer.
Consumers awareness feature provided by PACP which is providing information if some food item, car, electronic devices or pharmaceutical items being recalled from the market due to some defects. Before consumers buy it and get in trouble.
Frequently asked questions. A series of commonly asked question which could be possibly in everyone’s mind.

 No one imagined that greed and deviousness would reach such a staggering level that thought exist only in movies and investigative drama shows , yet it became a stark reality when some merchants sought to make a profit on the account of health and safety of the young and adults alike utilizing the God-given intellect that they posses into destruction and evil instead of serving public good , the devious plan used ( Back to school ) season by carving holes inside books and hiding chewing tobacco inside in away from the inspectors notice targeting the younger generation with these destructive materials that effect the health , mind and safety of our kids .
 The Judicial officers noticed that consumers come very frequently to a specific shop during one of the inspection tours which raised their suspicions to strengthening the monitoring and follow up on that matter , students were spotted in the shop as well , the Officers expediently intervened to inspect the shop , the inspection did not reveal anything at first , however , the officers noticed a stack of books and decided to inspect it , surprisingly , they found more than 600 pouches of chewing tobacco on its way to be sold and distributed on consumers and students , the officers immediately issued a violation and referred the case to the General Prosecution to deal with the matter as per the Law

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