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Recalling Honda Odyssey (RL6) vehicles model 2018/2019

Tuesday 7 July 2020

The Public Authority for Consumer Protection, in cooperation with Oman Marketing and Servicing Company, launched a recall campaign for 77 Honda Odyssey (RL6) vehicles model 2018-2019. The recall of 31 Honda Odyssey model 2018 vehicles was according to the chassis numbers from (5KBRL6889JB700003) to (5KBRL688XJB700527) and 46 Honda Odyssey model 2019 vehicles based on the chassis numbers from (5KBRL6869KB700048) to (5KBRL6860KB701038). The call was because of a defect in connecting the electrical wiring. The wiring issue is related to an accessory power outlet in the third row, where a wire harness can get pinched between the rear trim panel and the car's unibody. If the pinching damage exposes the wiring to the unibody, an electrical short can occur and cause the wire harness to overheat, which may cause a fire. Accordingly, the company will check the additional power socket belt of the third row for any contact in the wires between the wire C and the copper column. It will also check the sub-guide of the floor belt. If the copper is exposed, the branch will be wrapped with an electrical tape and then the new clips will be installed. These calls confirm the efforts undertaken by the authority in the field of traffic safety in cooperation with car agencies, to preserve the lives and safety of consumers, and to provide the necessary protection to consumers, in line with its continuous eagerness to conduct continuous reviews of all products offered in the Sultanate's markets.


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