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Stressing on the need to preserve the current achievement and build on it according to Oman 2040 vision Al Hakmani chairs the meeting of Consumer Protection Authority

Wednesday 26 August 2020

His Excellency Salim bin Ali bin Salim Al Hakmani, Chairman of Consumer Protection Authority, held a meeting with the directors of general directorates and departments in the authority’s head office and general directorates and departments in the governorates, through video call. In presence of the two vice-presidents, to find out the efforts made by the authority in various governorates. Acclaim During the meeting, His Excellency praised the great effort made during the previous period in the interest of protecting consumers on Sultanate's land, providing a safe and secure consumer environment through activating the legislative, oversight and awareness fields and the great achievements made in this field. Extending thanks and appreciation to Dr. Saeed bin Khamis Al Kaabi for his great and appreciated efforts during his presidency of the authority. He also thanked the employees who were referred to retirement after a great journey of contribution, and all the employees of the authority. Stressing on the need to continue work and improve it and develop its mechanisms to preserve the achievements and achieve more of them in the future. The importance of authority's role His Excellency also stressed the importance that the government attaches to the authority, its important role and its endeavour to provide the ideal environment in order to achieve the goals for which it was established. Noting that the Sultanate is currently witnessing the stage of completing and renewing the renaissance under the wise leadership of His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tariq and that is through a clear road map represented in Oman 2040 future vision. Appreciation of the efforts of directorates and departments His Excellency appreciated the great effort made by the directorates and departments of the authority located in various governorates of the Sultanate. As it is the face through which the authority overlooks the consumer. Praising its significant role during the last period in maintaining the existence of a safe consumer market, and achieving the rules of consumer freedom of choice, equality, fair treatment, honesty, and credibility. This contributed to building relationship based on trust between the authority and consumers, looking forward to continuing these efforts in order to achieve and build on the goals for which the authority was established. Price stability With regard to commodity prices, during the meeting his Excellency praised the great work of the authority’s cadres in monitoring and following up the markets, which had a great impact on its stability, protecting consumers from price fluctuations and limiting its increase and standing up for those manipulating them. urging everyone to continue following and monitoring prices so that the authority has data Up to date. Through which the future can be foreseen when taking decisions and developing economic plans and strategies. Monitoring negative and positive phenomena His Excellency also addressed the need to monitor negative economic phenomena practiced by some suppliers and traders, especially those related to consumer rights. In order to address and limit them, and the importance of highlighting positive consumption phenomena and sound economic practices by consumers and suppliers. Business Review After that, the directors of general directorates and departments of the authority in the governorates of the Sultanate reviewed the most prominent work of directorates and departments, their achievements during the past period and the challenges they face. Looking forward to a new stage of achievement and development of work mechanisms according to the changes and national plans. Partners in consumer protection At the conclusion of the meeting, His Excellency the chairman of the authority stressed the need to continue working in a spirit of one team to preserve the current achievement and add to it. On the other hand, he called on suppliers, in general, to be partners in consumer protection, through their commitment to laws and procedures to reach fair markets in which everyone's rights are preserved.


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