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for selling counterfeit goods as original Imprisonment and closure with a fine on a commercial establishment in Ad-dakhiliyah

Thursday 27 August 2020

The primary court in Nizwa issued a court ruling against a commercial establishment for violating Consumer Protection Law issued by Royal Decree No. (66/2014), which sentenced it to imprisonment, closure, and a fine for the public right. The facts of the case are summarized as follows; Consumer Protection Department in Ad Dakhiliya Governorate received a report from a consumer in which he stated that he had purchased spare parts for his equipment from a commercial store in Nizwa as being original parts according to the accused’s assertion. However, after comparing it with the original parts used previously, he discovered that they were counterfeit, which prompted him to contact the department to file a report. The department in turn has taken the necessary measures in this regard, as the judicial officers visited the shop and inspected the parts by the mechanical engineering expert at the authority, who confirmed that the parts are not original. After completing the file, the department referred it to Public Prosecution in Nizwa, which proceeded to investigate the case and referred it to the competent authorities that issued the ruling by convicting the accused for selling a counterfeit commodity and imprisoning him for a period of three months with a stay of execution, a fine of (2000) Omani Rials for the public right, and to bear the legal expenses with the closure of the shop for a week. Consumer Protection Authority calls on all suppliers to adhere to the provisions of Consumer Protection Law and its implementing regulations, adhere to transparency and credibility, and to stay away from false and misleading advertisements when promoting goods and services, in order to avoid legal accountability.


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