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During March 2021 AD About 23 thousand rials refunds and fines in Al Batinah North

Thursday 8 April 2021

The total amount of refunds and administrative fines imposed by the General Directorate of Consumer Protection in North Al Batinah during March of the current year 2021 AD amounted to (22916.5) Omani Rials, as part of the efforts made by the Directorate to guarantee and defend consumer rights. The statistical report of the Studies and Development department in the directorate stated that the directorate was able to recover sums of money estimated at (21043.5) Omani Rials for the benefit of consumers during February, while the total administrative fines during the same period was (1873) Omani Rials. With regard to vehicles, their services, tires, vehicle spare parts, and vehicle repair workshops, the total amount of refunds for consumers has reached (3317) Omani rials as complaints in the sector were divided between the sale of unfit for use tires and spare parts that showed manufacturing faults or defects. Also, the total amounts refunded to consumers in regard to stores and commercial centers was (3925.50) Omani riyals, after the directorate received complaints and reports distributed to several sectors such as electronic and electrical devices, phones and its services, clothes and its services, watches, jewelry, and accessories. Finally, the directorate was able to refund amount of (3635) Omani rials in the sector of goods and other services. The report also indicated that the total administrative fines during the same period amounted to (1873) Omani Rials which were divided into a number of violations including the difference in the offered price from the invoice and not setting prices on goods and taking unfair conditions against the consumer's right, which totaled (570) Omani Rials while the fines related to explanatory data, food safety and other violations amounted to (1303) Omani Rials.


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