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During the past year More than 277,000 Rials of refunds and financial revenues in North Al Batinah

Sunday 16 January 2022

The statistical report issued by the General Directorate of Consumer Protection in North Al Batinah indicated that the total amounts recovered and administrative fines that the Directorate was able to collect during the past year 2021 AD amounted to 277,082 Omani rials. While the total financial revenues amounted to 11348 thousand Omani rials and 265,734 thousand Omani rials were recovered in favor of a number of consumers through its efforts to resolve complaints submitted to it by consumers. The report indicated that the recovered amounts were distributed among a number of sectors. At the first of all is the car agencies and services sector where the recovered amounts were 59,490 Omani riyals. Followed by the contracting and building materials sector with refunded amounts of 55,136 riyals. Then, the labor services sector with returned amounts of 52,120 Omani riyals. Where an amount of 16,441 Omani Rials was recovered in the aluminum workshops, blacksmithing and carpentry sector. Followed by the electrical and electronic appliances sector with an amount of 15,100 Omani Rials. The recovered amounts in the sector of other goods and services amounted to 14,324 Omani Rials. Also, the recovered amounts in the furniture and furnishing shops sector amounted to 14,266 Omani riyals. While an amount of 7,370 Omani riyals were recovered in the sector of barbershops and beauty salons and their services. Also, an amount of 7309 Omani riyals were recovered in the travel and tourism services sector. Where The total amounts recovered in the sector of vehicle repair workshops was 6025 Omani riyals. Followed by an amount of 5920 Omani riyals in the vehicle spare parts sector. Followed by the kitchens sector with recovered amounts of 2,228 Omani Rials. While the Directorate recovered an amount of 1,858 in the clothing and textile sector. Also, was able to recover an amount of 1,419 Omani Rials in the watches and jewelry sector. In addition to 15 Rials returned in food groceries. The report indicated that the total financial revenues registered with the Directorate amounted to 11,348 Omani Rials through the financial fines that were imposed on some violating commercial establishments, misleading commercial advertisements, and other violations. These recovered amounts and administrative fines come within the framework of the authority's keenness to preserve the rights of consumers and to recover them in the event of a breach of them in all the ways stipulated in the Consumer Protection Law and its executive regulations as well as its efforts to control violators and hold them accountable in accordance with the applicable legal procedures.


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