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Including financial and administrative fines More than 100 thousand Omani riyals refunded in North Al Sharqiya

Tuesday 18 January 2022

During the past year 2021 AD, the Consumer Protection Department in North Sharqia managed to recover an amount estimated at 106830 Omani riyals in favor of a number of consumers according to the department’s statistical indicators report which came as part of the department’s efforts to resolve complaints received from consumers through amicable settlement. The refunds were distributed between the amounts recovered in favor of the consumer and the administrative fines imposed by the administration on violators of the Consumer Protection Law and its executive regulations. The report indicated that the administration was able to recover 99401 Omani riyals in favor of a number of consumers. While it recovered an amount of 4499 Omani riyals through 41 judgments issued by the courts in favor of the consumer for the cases referred to it. While the total administrative fines was 2,930 Omani riyals and the administration received 221 reports and 674 complaints during the same year which were distributed among a number of sectors. At the first place, the electrical and electronic appliances sector with a total of 91 complaints. Followed by the aluminum workshops, blacksmithing and carpentry sector with a total of 67 complaints. As for the automotive agencies and services sector, the total number of complaints submitted was 49 complaints. Followed by a total of 42 complaint was submitted in the kitchen sector. Also, 36 complaints were submitted in the sector of vehicle repair workshops. While 389 complaints were distributed among the rest of the sectors. While 71 violations were issued which were dealt with by taking the necessary measures against them according to the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law and other relevant decisions.


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