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The company delayed the repair and refused to replace the vehicle A court ruling of conviction and a fine against a car company in Al Dakhiliyah

Tuesday 18 January 2022

The Court of First Instance in Nizwa State issued a judicial ruling against a car company for violating the Consumer Protection Law and its Executive Regulations issued by Royal Decree (66/2014 AD) which stipulated conviction and financial fines. The facts of the case can be summed up as the Consumer Protection Department in Al Dakhiliyah Governorate received a complaint from a consumer stating that he had purchased a vehicle from one of the car companies in the governorate. On the first day of buying it, he noticed a malfunction in the vehicle and immediately returned it to the company for examination and repair of the fault. However, the company stalled in the repair and refused to replace the vehicle despite the discovery of the malfunction within 15 days of purchasing the vehicle which prompted the consumer to file a complaint with the administration which took the necessary measures against it then referred it to the Public Prosecution which began investigating it and referred it to the competent court which in turn issued a judgment convicting the company of a misdemeanor of non-compliance to return the goods and refund its value or Replacing it or repairing it in the event of discovering a defect in it and fining it for the public right 3000 Omani riyals incurring legal expenses on it and obligating a civil servant to pay the civil claimant the amount of 5900 Omani riyals. The Consumer Protection Authority calls upon all merchants and suppliers to abide by the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law and its executive regulations to abide by transparency and credibility as well as to stay away from false and misleading advertising when promoting goods and services.


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