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Awareness lecture on (Excellence in Customer Service) in Sohar

Sunday 3 July 2022

The General Directorate of Consumer Protection in North Al Batinah recently organized a workshop for its employees entitled (Excellence in Customer Service) at the Mercure Hotel in Sohar with the participation of (20) employees including heads of departments, legal researchers, judicial officers, administrative affairs clerks, media and awareness specialists, with the aim of providing them with knowledge and skills that will contribute to Develop and improve their practical performance. The lecture was presented by Yasmina bint Yahya Al-Afifiya, a trainer in project management and administrative leadership. The lecture included a number of topics, including the definition of customer service and the tasks it includes, the importance of quality services and the efforts provided by the institution to achieve customer needs, and introducing the objectives of providing service to customers, which vary between achieving A material benefit or economic profit with the aim of seeking to provide a degree of acceptance to it and superiority over competing institutions. Al-Afifiya also touched on measuring the extent of satisfaction with the services provided by the Consumer Protection Authority, such as speed of response, tangibles, reliability, guarantee and also care, in addition to providing examples of initiatives to improve the services it provides. Also, Al-Afifiya mentioned the applications that support the improvement of services, in addition to how to create the value of the organization's vision and mission, strategic goals, the link between goals, activities and outputs, and the diversity between them. It is worth mentioning that the Directorate continues to provide such lectures aimed at enabling participants to have the skill of patience while communicating with the client, listening well to the client and speaking positively with clients, and providing participants with mechanisms that enable them to excel at work and achieve personal effectiveness and enable them to identify their personal traits and how to activate those features and get the most out of it.


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