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“Those who study the realities of our contemporary world and see the significant approach towards globalization and economic opening at all levels, will realize the implications imposed by these variables on the general reality of the consumer positively or negatively.

Thus emerged the consumer interest and rights in the world. Perhaps the first building blocks in this aspect was at the beginning of the nineteenth century when they formed a core for the first (group of consumers of New York).
The consumer rights movement in the United States faced a rapid spread during the first half of the twentieth century and then took position on the European continent after World War ll.

The International Federation of Consumer Rights was established in 1960. In 1962, President John F. Kennedy announced four principles for consumer protection. Ford Grand, President of the U.S., added a fifth principle in the seventies. In 1985 a decision of the United Nation was established to define guiding principles for consumer protection …
The Islamic religion was the former in place several of the humanitarian rules and principles that protect the consumer and provide him with a safe and dignified life in the economic aspects. The consumer is the cornerstone and main pillar in the economic community, and therefore the developed societies in general no longer consider the consumer as a marginal element taking place around it. “Consumer protection” became an important part of any project of economic reform in various countries around the world. From the point, institutions and companies around the world are not evaluated on the basis of the level of profitability, but on the extent of the commitment of these institutions and companies and its social responsibilities towards the consumer and society as a whole. On the basis of the wise approach of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos and his awareness of the world requirements, he asked for the establishment of the Public Authority for Consumer Protection on the territory of the Sultanate. The existence of an independent authority for consumer protection is not a luxury but is a pressing need, and a special cultural appearance, and an important development demand called for the urgent need to care about consumer rights and works to aware him of the origins of the good consumer culture and protects him from abuses committed by some traders, and also provide him with protection from counterfeit and adulterated products, false advertising and promotions.

 All of the aim to return the consumer to his rightful place as a “master of the market”. It is certain that the Public Authority for Consumer Protection, which has won the honor of being the first independent governmental institution on the land of the Arab world will not be able to play its full part, but only by recognizing that the consumer is the first defense line in the protection. The consumer’s consciousness and cooperation is the main pillar for the success of the authority’s work, as a side that the shortest way to protect the consumer is (the consumer awareness).

 The authority effort is not only limited to the protection of the consumer as an individual, but it benefits the trader too.
Thus by educating him of the consumer’s rights which must be saved, and encouraging him to do the social responsibility towards his society, and providing him with data and information about the consumer direction, and the level of satisfaction and the way of providing the product, also, by educating the consumer about the risks of the counterfeited goods and how to distinguish between them and original.

 Furthermore, providing the trader with information about the product’s price in different places around the world and encouraging the consumer to use the local products.

Consequently, the Authority seeks to achieve the desired integration between the various parties to the consumer relationship, whether as a consumer or a trader in order to bring a balanced complement efforts to achieve economic development based on the solid ground of a true social justice in market operations


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