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CPA E-portal

CPA e-Portal​

The CPA e-portal represents a main gateway to connect the citizen with the government and provide the services offered to:
- Nourish the consumer market
- Protect consumer rights and
- Provide benefits to the traders by creating​ a common quality baseline market
- Educate consumers about commodity prices 
This bi-lingual (English and Arabic) portal presents strategic objectives of the CPA, News, Price Index, Royal Decrees, Laws and Decisions, Media Ce​nter, Electronic Consumer Guide, interaction with management, hot Line contact, Live Web chat, multimedia educative content, etc... It is also a secure interactive platform to receive consumer feedback, suggestions, and complaints.​

CPA’s portal comes in line with its objectives:

- To work for consumer protection from price fluctuations and monitor market prices of goods and services and curb their rise: Live Price Index published on portal.

- To guarantee consumer freedom of choice, equality, fair treatment, honesty and credibility: CPA portal is surrounded with interactive channels (social media, web 2.0 features, hotline...) to allow consumers to contact CPA freely and transparently.

- To develop consumer general awareness and use proper scientific means to spread it on accurate and balanced bases in the society as a whole: The portal publishes multimedia content and annual reports that raise the consumers’ awareness about the consumer market.

- To find prompt solutions to consumer complaints and fight counterfeiting, swindling and monopoly: CPA portal has a section dedicated for consumer complaints and follow up.


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